Fact Sheet

  • Established in 1993
  • Coalition of locally based, non-profit organizations collaboratively participating in workplace giving campaigns
  • Our tagline: "Support. Connect. Succeed Together."

Member Charities

  • There are currently 65, but when referring to the specific number of member charities, we prefer that you say "more than 60" or "60+."
  • Our member charities are community-based, volunteer-led charities that address a wide range of social and environmental issues.

Our Goals

  • To collaboratively raise funds for the benefit of member 501 (c) (3) non-profit charities actively engaged in programs directed toward community improvement, social change, and citizen education and empowerment.
  • To establish a strong financial base and ensure the continued existence and effectiveness of member charities.
  • To enhance the capacity of member charities to accomplish their missions through funding, leadership development, training, and education.

What Distinguishes Community Shares of Mid Ohio

  • It is governed by the Board of Trustees, which is comprised of representatives from each member charity that actively participate in decision making.
  • Donors can designate specific member charities.
  • There is a focus on education and service to the community; raising awareness of the root causes of social and economic problems; and generating preventative solutions.
  • Community Shares does not discriminate! Other organizations establish priority solely among health and human service charities, leaving out areas essential to the community's health and welfare.

As a federated fund, Community Shares ...

  • builds permanent capital, much like endowments;
  • is a key source of unrestricted capital for non-profits;
  • provides a cost-effective administrative mechanism;
  • bridges diverse segments of the community;
  • makes philanthropy more diverse and democratic; and
  • is an important vehicle for investing in the community.

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