Payroll Department Information

It's not difficult to set up a payroll giving option. Your workplace probably already has a system for deducting payroll taxes and may also have a program that deducts for medical or retirement expenses. To set up a payroll giving option simply allocate one payroll field for Community Shares and issue a check for the employees' deductions within your established distribution system.

Community Shares handles the allocation to the charities based on the information employees provide on pledge cards — all your payroll department needs to do is track the amount each employee wishes to contribute each pay period.

Instructions for Your Payroll Department for Employee Pledge Donations

  1. Have the employee fill out the pledge card we provide to you indicating how much they want to donate. The per paycheck amount should work out to equal the total pledge.
  2. We have provided a sample pledge form to familiarize yourself with the process. Give the white copy of the pledge form to the Payroll or HR department, give the Yellow Copy to Community Shares, and give the Pink Copy to the Employee.
  3. Payroll should withhold the specified amount on the pledge form from the employees paycheck.
  4. Payroll should create an account for the amounts withheld. (example: Employee Pledges Payable)
  5. Payroll should send the collected employee donations to Community Shares. Contribution payments can be made every pay period, monthly, or quarterly.

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