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We love food at Community Shares, especially local food. When Columbus Food League approached us to to provide their employees the opportunity to support their community through our member charities, we couldn't resist working with some of the tastiest restaurants in Columbus.

Columbus Food League is known for some of the most popular restauarnts in Columbus including Betty's, Surly Girl, Dirty Frank's, Tip Top, and the Jury Room. Their goal isn't just to deliver great tasting food, but to also give back to the community. Learn how Community Shares of Mid Ohio helps Columbus Food League contribute to a strong and philanthropic business community.

What does your business do?

Columbus Food League is an alliance of socially, financially and environmentally responsible restaurant concepts dedicated to enriching the lives of those who work, play and dine in Columbus.

How did you hear about Community Shares?

As our mission is to stay very involved in contributing to a strong and philanthropic business community in Columbus, it was natural that we have crossed paths with Community Shares through various events and projects and are now able to take advantage of the payroll contribution program for our employees.


What kind of philanthropic work does your business already do?

We have a Charitable Giving Program at CFL that reaches over 60 local Columbus organizations each year. Our Community Partner Days collaborate with a local non-profit or organization to donate 10% of our food sales for the day to their fundraising efforts. We also support larger scale events through volunteer support and partner with social entrepreneurs in related fields to improve and increase their impact on the community.

Why did you decide to offer Community Shares to your employees?

Our staff is extremely hard working and give back so much to our industry and restaurant group. Although some do not have the time to actively participate in volunteering, the Community Shares payroll contribution program allows them to give back in a way that is minimal effort on their part but still makes a huge impact!

How difficult was the entire process?

So far the process has been extremely smooth! COSMO helped us to brand the contribution program specifically for our company and create a standard process and procedure tailored to our group that ensures all concerns and changes can be addressed easily and seamlessly.

Would you recommend other businesses to offer Community Shares?

Yes of course! All employees should have the option to give back so easily to our community. It is also great to support a local organization supporting local charity so that we know the positive impact is felt directly here in Columbus.

What were your initial concerns about offering Community Shares?

Our initial concerns concern the nature of our business in that severs and bartenders have very little pay remaining on their paycheck after taxes. This is something we are noticing does affect the amount that they can sometimes contribute to their Community Shares election, however, we will keep working on this to communicate the value to employees and clear up confusion of how the contribution is affected. Other concerns were if employees could add or drop at any time throughout the the year and this has been easy to address. As we hold orientation for new hires, we offer the COSMO opportunity and we have a form in place if people need to adjust their contribution or cancel them completely.

How large is your business?

150 Employees - 5 restaurants

What is your favorite thing about Columbus?

Our sense of pride in who we are and who we become as a city and the no-nonsense attitude that we can and will get anything done that we put our minds to. There is a palpable consciousness of social and civic responsibility that is spreading through a community of ready and talented entrepreneurs, activists and connected citizens that is truly unique!

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