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We love the workplaces that we partner with to provide their employees the opportunity to support their community through our member charities. When a new workplace decides to work with us, an excitement builds as we begin to create a great relationship with them. Fulcrum Creatives is a great example for how we approach and build relationships into partnerships.

You've probably seen Fulcrum Creatives work through local favorites like Local Matters, Middle West Spirits, and Columbus Food Adventures to name a few. Fulcrum Creatives provide services ranging from brand design, development, and positioning to web design, print design, video, and photography. They also focus on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit, which has helped them enhance both the community and their clients' bottom line. Learn how Community Shares of Mid Ohio helps Fulcrum Creative achieve their triple bottom line.

What does your business do?

Fulcrum Creatives specializes in creating, elevating, and sustaining brands for organizations that positively impact their communities.

How did you hear about Community Shares?

I saw your logo around town, and knew you were involved with Simply Living, who is one of your clients. Then I went to the event you had last year partnering your clients with local business who offer services they would maybe like.


What kind of philanthropic work does your business already do?

We work with organizations that make a positive impact in one or more of these three areas (that we happen to be incredibly passionate about).      Edible Columbus magazine designed by Fulcrum Creatives

People. Our clients improve and enhance people's lives. They help those in need. Foster potential. Add color to our culture and depth to our experiences.

Planet. Our clients are stewards of the Earth. They advocate for environmentally sound practices. And actively practice what they preach.

Prosperity. Our clients are the engines of local economies. They are driven not only to sell products — but by the larger impact their products can make in the world.

We act on these three principles of People, Planet, and Prosperity on a number of ways including giving lectures to college design students on the roles and responsibilities of designers in our society, pro-bono brand development work for one nonprofit annually (those with an operating budgets of $1 million), putting on events such as Cause Collaborative — a forum for local nonprofits to come together and share ideas, thereby strengthening our community.

Also Jason is on the board of ROYGBIV so is giving back to the arts community and I am actively involved in community gardening which helps beautify our neighborhoods and creates more access for local healthy foods.

Why did you decide to offer Community Shares to your employees?

Community Shares was a natural fit for our business and we are excited to continue to grow with them. Our values of people, planet and prosperity line up well with Community Shares. Also we like the payment plan system — it is an easy way for our employees to donate monthly, without even having to think about it — and do it in an affordable way that over time adds up but monthly is easy to attain.

How difficult was the entire process?

It was not difficult. I think I am the difficult part of the process — hah!

Would you recommend other businesses to offer Community Shares?

Absolutely. It is a great fit for small and medium size businesses who might not have an active corporate responsibility policy — so Community Shares can be that extension.

What were your initial concerns about offering Community Shares?Middle West Spirits website designed by Fulcrum Creatives

That we are too small of a business to make much of a difference.

How large is your business?

We have two business owners, two employees, and a network of trusted sub-contractors.

Anything you'd like to say to businesses who are considering having Community Shares available to their employees?

That it doesn't cost your business anything. All you have to do is have a payroll service set up, and they will take care of it for you.

What is your favorite thing about Columbus?

We love the diversity of people and offerings that Columbus has to offer. We also feel there is a lot of opportunity and potential for small businesses and nonprofits to have a place to grow. There is always an event going on or something to do. There is a large, thriving creative class and it's inspiring to be a part of it.

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