What We Do

Community Shares of Mid Ohio brings the Central Ohio community together to engage in philanthropy by connecting workplaces and employees to local nonprofits working in the community. Since 1992, Community Shares has connected workplaces and their employees to our member nonprofits through workplace giving campaigns. By connecting more people and workplaces to engage in philanthropy, our member nonprofits create a more just, caring, and healthy community for all who call Columbus and Central Ohio home.

The funding we create through workplace giving campaigns provides our member nonprofits a strong financial base to ensure stability and long-term solutions. This steady revenue stream allows them to focus on moving forward with their mission to help the Columbus and Central Ohio communities. 

In addition, Community Shares works to enhance the capacity of our member nonprofits to accomplish their missions. We provide our members with professional development, best practices training, nonprofit compliance assistance, and securing additional resources to benefit our members.

Our Values

Join the Movement

You don’t need millions of dollars to create change or improve the lives of others. Community Shares gives all people the opportunity to have an impact on their community. Whether you're donating $1 or $20 per pay, your contribution adds up to make a difference for our member nonprofits. Community Shares also gives you the opportunity to discover local nonprofit organizations working on the issues and causes you care about most in the community. You can support what’s important to you and give at a consistent level to make a difference.  

Join the thousands of donors contributing to our member nonprofits to create a more just, caring, and healthy community for all in Columbus and central Ohio.