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It takes collaboration to create a more just, caring, and healthy community for all. It takes funding, knowledge, resources, and connections for nonprofits to be successful. Each can hinder a nonprofit from scaling its programs and services to help more people.

That’s why Community Shares of Mid Ohio brings nonprofits, businesses, and donors together to benefit Columbus and central Ohio. Our program secures the resources and relationships to empower our member nonprofits.

  • Access to more than 250,000 people who can be potential donors or volunteers
  • Access to unrestricted funding to support your organization
  • Marketing and promotional support through the Community Shares website and network
  • Networking with nonprofit organizations and peers in Columbus and central Ohio
  • Professional development sessions to support your employees, best practices, and advance your mission
  • Newsletters with tips, best practices, community opportunities, and resources
  • Discounted access to compliance reporting services from In(form)ed

As the needs of the Columbus and central Ohio communities change, Community Shares looks for nonprofit organizations to partner with to meet those needs. Applications for new members open July 1. Request to be notified when applications become available.

Member Charity Benefits