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18 Columbus Women Share Their Career Defining Moment

A grid of women headshots.

March is Women’s History Month and March 8 is International Women’s Day. In honor of the many inspirational female leaders in our community, we asked 18 Central Ohio women: “Tell us about your career defining moment.” Here is what they had to say!

“In 1994 I interviewed for an Administrative Assistant to the President/CEO position ​of a national non-profit. What I knew about non-profit work at the time was defined only by The Heart Fund drive that my mom always volunteered for and I, my sisters and brother did the walking. (That was also when door-to-door solicitation was safe). My interview was a 90-minute education session on non-profit work, and the unmet needs in every community. Walking out of that interview, I knew that there was a place for me and the work that I would do could be important. 24 years later and I still feel there is a place for me and that the work we do is important.”

– Teresa A. Trost​, Executive Director​ at Community Shares of Mid Ohio​

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